DIMO Macaron: the First Connected Vehicle Device to use Helium IoT Network at scale

Combining the best features of pricier devices at 1/3rd the cost, Macaron is poised to disrupt the $50B Connected Car market by making every vehicle a smart car.

NEW YORK, Oct. 11, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Digital Infrastructure Inc., a leading innovator in IoT and automotive technology, unveils the DIMO Macaron, a groundbreaking connected vehicle device  set to transform the industry by making sophisticated vehicle intelligence and applications accessible to everyday drivers on the DIMO Network. As the first OBD2 device utilizing Helium IoT, the world’s largest LoRaWAN network, DIMO Macaron moves beyond traditional barriers of connectivity costs, enabling a future where every vehicle can be a smart car that is privately connected to an ever-improving network of apps and services just by plugging in a device.

The Macaron empowers drivers and fleets to understand and optimize their vehicle’s health and performance by equipping vehicle owners with an error code reader, GPS, and car maintenance tracker — all powered by the DIMO Mobile app. This shift in design, operating cost, and accessibility marks a significant leap in automotive technology and connectivity.

“DIMO is already pioneering access to automotive data with  the DIMO AutoPi and free access to existing OEM connectivity services via DIMO Mobile. Looking at existing options in the market, We knew from day one that cost would be a barrier to mainstream adoption. That’s why we chose to build DIMO Macaron and add support for the Helium LoRaWAN Network. Now, DIMO Macaron is positioned to democratize access to automotive diagnostics tools and vehicle telematics, rapidly growing markets that are already more than $115 billion in revenues annually” says Andy Chatham, a Cofounder of DIMO and CEO of Digital Infrastructure Inc. “The Helium Network’s coverage spans across more than 192 countries, we are not just launching a product but a global movement towards privacy preserving, cost-effective, and user-controlled mobility experiences.”

For a one-time cost of $99, drivers gain 3 years of connectivity and insights into their car’s health, location, and performance. Unlike other connected vehicle devices which charge $8-$15/month for service, there is no monthly subscription fee, thanks to the cost-efficiency of the Helium Network, which has hundreds of thousands of active hotspots in use today worldwide and provides anyone with an internet connection with the ability to add coverage to the network. Macaron’s technology delivers a data-rich experience, combining Bluetooth and LoRaWAN to provide both real-time insights and passive data collection.

The DIMO Macaron is more than a product—it’s a gateway to a world of new connected vehicle experiences. Right out of the box it’s integrated with the DIMO Mobile app and Marketplace, where users can effortlessly monitor, maintain, and manage their vehicles. From maintenance to insurance to roadside assistance, and exclusive discounts – everything is accessible from the user’s phone. With DIMO Rewards, users earn points for sharing aggregated, anonymized data that improves the network and spending with service providers on the marketplace. As DIMO evolves with the expanding community of third-party developers and service partners users will gain access to new features, discounts, and services that cater to any mobility need, making every journey safer, more efficient, and more enjoyable.

“As stewards of the Helium Network, the Foundation has always hoped to see vehicles get connected,” said Abhay Kumar, CEO of the Helium Foundation. “DIMO has been building an incredible platform with user growth expanding. This is great news for builders and users of the Helium ecosystem!”

Connected car experiences that make car ownership better and more rewarding can be available to anyone. With DIMO Macaron, every driver can unlock their own car data. Every car can become a smart car.

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