DePIN store Bminer( and GEODNET Products

United States, October 30 – At the forefront of advancing web3 technology, the global web3 hardware technology company announced a strategic partnership with the leading web3 geographical information service provider GEODNET.  New platform Bminer( will list GEODNET’s innovative satellite mining products for sale to its global community of 400,000 DePIN enthusiasts.

Now, users of the Bminer( website will have direct access to browse and acquire GEODNET’s products and services, marking recognition of GEODNET’s technological potential and foreshadowing deep collaborative efforts in geographical information technology in the future.

GEODNET is renowned for its advanced technology and breakthrough achievements in smart geographical information services, offering solutions that span autonomous vehicles, sustainable agriculture, disaster response, and more. Through a network of global positioning satellite reference stations, GEODNET not only enhances the precision of location data but also drives the commercialization of technology and community participation through its cryptocurrency project and token GEOD.

To celebrate the new relationship, the GEODNET Foundation is supporting a special deal for existing owners of Bobber (Bobcat) hardware.  Bobber owners can purchase a triple-band GEODNET miner with $100 discount and receive a 1000 GEOD token airdrop once the station is installed for 30-days and achieves 95% of the available token reward rate.

For more information and details on Geodnet products, please visit Bminer(

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